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Person Locates AKA- Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is an industry term used to describe the process of locating a subject that can’t be found at their place of residence or usual hangouts. “Skip” refers to the person being searched for (derived from the term “to skip town”) and “tracing” meaning the act of locating the skip. The act of skip tracing is most often used by private investigators.

Covert Surveillance

Surveillance is an extremely important investigative method, and at times the only available method, of obtaining factual information during an investigation. The success of a surveillance operation depends upon the experience and professional ability of the investigator. This professional ability can be developed, and at the same time experience acquired, by putting into conscientious practice the surveillance methods taught during the investigators career. The end result is an
experienced efficient surveillant who is an asset to any investigation.

Fraud Investigations

Today fraud is a very common occurrence and one that affects many businesses year after year. Fraud has become one of the most challenging issues to prove. For the business owner who finds themselves the victim of fraudulent activities including assets missing, inaccurate bookkeeping, and even evidence of theft, hiring a private investigator may be just the perfect strategy and solution for you. A professional fraud investigation performed by a private investigator can greatly assist a company.

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Our Services include, but are not limited to:

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Criminal Investigations

Process & Legal Service

Recorded Interviews

Civil Litigation Support

Fraud & Theft Investigations

Covert Surveillance Operations

Pre-Employment Background Screening

Background Checks

Missing Persons Locates

Skip-Tracing & Person Locates

Witness Locates & Interviews

Family Law Matters

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